Sana Safinaz - Mahay Lawn Collection 2019

Launch Date: 12th July 2019

Introducing Mahay, our new line of lawn
that is an ode to our culture, OUP myths and our traditions — a veritable
sanduq of the shades of the asmaan with clouds in shapes that are
inherent in our imaginations: the green kairi hanging at the end of a
branch of the mango Tree, the inimitable petals oflhe gulab, the leaves of
the majestic champa tree.

The Mahay woman takes pride in her ancestry and living in the modern
world clever changing trends, she finds a comforting familiarity in old
world charm. She receives the baton of tradition from the women in her
family and she passes it on to the next generation. She wears her
heritage with joy because she is in awe of the past, understands how it
affects the present and the importance of it in the future. We hope that
you enjoy sharing in the treasures of the sanduq of Mahay with us.