Zarqash - Rubaai Luxury Wedding Collection

Set against the splendid backdrops of the iconic dwellings of the glorious Mughal empresses Rubaai is our artistic rendition & tribute to the often-celebrated Mughal aesthetics. An emblem of royalty, grandeur and opulence Rubaai is a celebration of rich fabrics, vibrant colors, and age-old techniques of embellishments. From flowing silhouettes and traditional designs to contemporarily printed excellence, this collection has something in store for everyone. Each piece from this extravagant collection is carefully curated and intricately designed keeping our heritage, culture & art alive. So lose yourself into our enchanting world of splendor this festive season, and let out your inner princess.
Processing Time
7-10 Working Days
(After the launch date)
Launch Date:
15th Jan 2020